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About Us

about Geniuspharma

Our Vision

With our work we want to make a contribution to humanity. We believe to eliminate most disadvantages in the pharmaceutical supply market, whether for individuals, groups, peoples or nations and upgrade their health status quo again and again.

Our Mission

Genius Pharma manufacture and distributes quality pharmaceutical in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) products for applications that are economically viable for our customers, while providing value to our investors, all within a supportive and rewarding work environment for our employees. We aim to improve healthcare through unconventional thinking.

Our Difference

To solve the biggest challenges in human health and realize the full potential in healthcare, we need more than science. We need understanding and a willingness to help!


That’s why Genius Pharma strives for 13 years to provide world-class healthcare solutions in a world plagued with inefficiencies and widespread dissatisfaction.


We explore innovative ways to utilize data and systems, and we leverage on our team’s capabilities and expertise to improve management of clinical service delivery and ultimately, the delivery of measurable and better health outcomes. We are committed to implementing health transformation through complete emphasis on efficient management, cost and quality of clinical service provision.


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